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Sister Starts Singing “Jolene” When Brother Joins In And Completely Steals The Show

Everybody wants to experience love. Everyone wants to be inspired, happy and energized.

So that’s why, when we see something beautiful, we feel compelled to share it with those who are important to us.

And this video is exactly the type of thing that’ll instill a feeling of magic within you and a warmness in your heart.

Plus, it’s a classic Dolly Parton song so you definitely can’t go wrong!

In it, you’ll see a brother and sister, Zach and Bekah, sitting together on a rug.

Before Bekah, sits a guitar and in Zach’s hands, you’ll see a set of drum sticks.

As Bekah picks up her guitar she asks her brother, “Are you ready, buddy?”, to which he responds, “Ready!”

Then, the pair begin singing their version of the popular Dolly Parton song, “Jolene”.

You see, Bekah’s brother, Zach is living with Down Syndrome, and their video aims to bring awareness to his beautiful soul and the fact that everyone on earth is endlessly talented and lovely.

As they sing through the stanzas and approach the chorus, the love radiates, their faces are bright, and the passion that they feel for the music is so strong, it can almost be felt by those who hear it. That is, in short, the beauty of love.

It’s evident that this video has been shared not only because together, the pair want to spread their sound, but because it highlights the very importance of family.

These two clearly love each other unconditionally and because of their teamwork, have managed to bring about a video that is absolutely chilling.

Watch it from start to end and guaranteed, you won’t be disappointed.

Take a minute to listen to their Dolly Parton song because you’ll sure feel all of the strong and lovely emotions that the pair is clearly feeling too.

And if you’ve absolutely loved this video, share it with your beautiful family and friends.

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