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Sleepy Toddler Sits On Santa’s Lap, Crowd Bursts Out Laughing At Her 1 Christmas Wish

When the holiday season rolls around, children are so excited to visit Santa and share their wish lists with the big guy.

Some of their requests are logical, some are magical, others are crazy – and there are those that make mom and dad laugh out loud while standing in line watching their precious ones confer with Santa.

Every little kid looks forward to telling Santa what they want for Christmas, but one little girl sure makes Santa laugh with her request.

This super cute little girl is plopped down on Santa’s lap dressed in festive clothes.

She just cannot seem to stop rubbing her sleepy little eyes. A parent prompts the cutie pie to tell Santa what she wants.

So Santa leans down and asks the drowsy sweetheart what she wants for Christmas.

She brushes a stray hair out of her eyes, looks Santa straight in the face, blinks and says one thing that has Santa cracking up!

Thank goodness her parents were keen enough to capture this dolly’s exchange with Santa.

They posted it online and it’s since gone viral. People cannot stop laughing over what this sweetheart says to Santa.

As she leans toward Santa, the big guy wraps his strong arms around her and gives the little sweetie a gentle hug and a couple of quick pats.

Everyone present busted out laughing, full of guffaws and chuckles when they hear what the little girl shares with Santa.

I’m pretty sure we can all agree that what this adorable little girl wants for Christmas is something we would all appreciate having, too!

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