Snickers fill the room at first until senior dancers show off their real talent

Fun can be had no matter what the age, and one the most fun things to do is dance! Dance has a long human history.

It has been part of rituals, entertainment, and fitness for a long time, and it has spawned many kinds of varieties and celebrities.

The world celebrates dance through competitions and music events. Well, one event witnessed a fun and enjoyable show put on by a couple with a great sense of humor.

The way they danced, though, would make you think they were sprightly twenty-year-olds!

A group of seniors were able to witness the talent of Pete and Beulah Mae. Supposedly, it was supposed to be a dance number by Jim and Virginia, but they didn’t show! And then Pete and Beulah Mae crossed the dance floor to introduce themselves to the crowd.

They said they were Jim and Virginia’s cousins. They said the other couple couldn’t make it, so they decided to take their place.

After all, the show must go on!

Beulah Mae threw her shawl into the audience, and Pete shed his coat and placed his cane on the floor. The audience cheered as the dancers readied themselves for swing.

Swing is a very popular dance. It was developed around the 1920’s and was inspired by the world of jazz. It became so popular that different kinds of swing dances were developed.

The early 1930’s up to the late 1940’s were considered the “Swing Era.” This was also the time when big band swing music became extremely popular all around the United States.

Ask any of your older relatives or grandparents, and they can probably show you a swing move or two.

Some of the most popular swing dances that are still around today include: Balboa, Collegiate Shag, Charleston, and Lindy Hop.

At first, Pete and Beulah Mae eased their audience into their performance with a bit of humor.

They made hoops with their arms and tried to get over and around each other, resulting in hilarious positions that got the audience howling with laughter.

But when the song started, Pete and Beulah began showing off a couple of polished moves.

They did some twists and turns and got the crowd excited! They were flexible and energetic, sliding across the ballroom floor and getting up in a heartbeat.

There was strength in their grip and force in their twirls.

Pete and Beulah Mae were definitely more than meets the eye!

The performance ended with Pete flipping Beulah on his knee–a move that would make any youngster jealous.

The audience gave them a standing ovation. The video clip of their performance has been viewed more than 15 million times on YouTube and has been liked by over 29,000 people.

Many people who saw Pete and Beulah’s performance agreed that it was a fun dance that serves as a reminder that anyone can have fun–at whatever age!

Most swing dances are social. They’re meant to be enjoyed by the entire community, which is what makes them such fun events!

Although they’re more common among old-timers, swing dances can be a huge hit among younger people.

Pete and Beulah’s performance sends a good message about fun and being able to enjoy dancing no matter what age.

There’s no doubt that people who witnessed their dance firsthand were inspired to take up dancing again!

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