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Some owls sleep face down and people are losing their minds over it

Nothing is cuter than babies. Whether it’s baby humans or baby animals, one thing is for sure, they’re bound to be adorable.

Did you know baby owls sleep face down because their heads are too large to hold up on their own? It’s true, and we’ve got 15 pictures of them sleeping that will warm your heart.

Here are photos of baby owls sleeping facedown

This might be the cutest thing you ever see!

1. Time for a nap

This little owl is ready for nap time, and sure enough, he’s laying facedown to ensure his head doesn’t have him falling all over the place.

Look at those beautiful big eyes and eyelashes, how adorable is that?!

2. Wink Wink

Judging by how cute this baby owl is, it’s hard to imagine it’ll be a serious predator with a wingspan up to 6ft long but it will be.

He’s winking at us in the second picture, I wonder what he’s joking about?

3. Deep sleep

This young owl is getting some serious sleep lying face down, he must have had a long night. We’re just amazed that he’s balancing on that tree branch like that, that’s seriously impressive.

4. So peaceful

This baby owl is sleeping so peacefully, we’re guessing nothing could bug her during that nap. She looks so soft, it makes you want to just pick her up and cuddle her.

Although, that big sharp beak may have something to say about that.

5. “Caught this cutie taking a nap”

To learn more on owlets sleeping face down, just watch the video below!

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