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Son Takes Mom’s Hand As Favorite Song Plays, Their Dance Is Lighting Up The Internet

“Dance like no one is watching.” It’s a popular saying and one that we should all remember.

Sometimes, it’s important to let go and have fun, no matter where you are or who else is in the room.

For this mother and son, they shared a beautiful family moment; they danced like no one was watching, and now the whole internet is watching.

If we all take a minute and look back at our lives, chances are the moments that you remember the most clearly aren’t the “big” events. Sure, weddings, graduations, holidays, and birthdays are memorable, but they aren’t necessarily the memories that you carry with you day to day.

There are pivotal, life-changing moments, and then there are the small things that pass by without much thought at the time.

It’s often those small moments, the ones that seem insignificant at the time, that have the greatest impact on our lives and who we are.

Each couple, family, or group of friends has small traditions that continue over time and bond everyone together. These are our warmest memories, and we are always happy to revisit them.

For this mother and son, dancing together has always been something that they shared.

Lucy Stevens would hear a song she liked on the radio, and she would grab her son, Luke, and they would dance. It’s something that’s kept them close, even though Lance is a grown man with kids of his own.

But, we all know that mothers rarely stop acting like mothers.

So, when Lucy’s favorite song comes on, she’s quick to grab her favorite dance partner for a kitchen performance that’s full of laughter and love. Fortunately, the moment was caught on video, and we all get to see it.

Watch their dance below and please like and share the video!

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