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St. Bernard Gets Stuck In Ditch For 18 Hours, But Dachshund Pup Refuses To Let Him Die

Animals are angels with pure hearts, and we can all agree with that, right?

Although they are a man’s best friend, animals also tend to be each other’s best friends, and there are so many heartwarming pictures to prove it; sheep cuddling with dogs, bunnies hanging with chicks, and even bears laying on tigers make for a beautiful sight.

That’s why we have a story today that will warm your heart so much, and I fear it may melt.

Spoiler alert: This story has a happy ending! It begins with a 9-year-old St. Bernard named Jazzy.

One Sunday in Belen, Jazzy got loose and ran away as every dog would. There was someone that hadn’t stopped looking for him and that was his little bud, a small Dachshund named Razor.

Later the next day, Tim Chavez, the owner of both dogs, said: “He [Razor] was going crazy trying to catch my attention.” Chavez was trying to get to work, but Razor kept barking at him and the neighbor!

Eventually, Razor just decided to run in hopes that Chavez would follow him; the man said that he followed him through the fields, along with the irrigation ditch, and was shocked to find Jazzy.

Apparently, Jazzy had been stuck in a muddy ditch for about 18 hours, and it would’ve been longer if it weren’t for his little buddy.

After calling the cops, police, and firefighters showed up to rescue the St. Bernard using a spine board, which is what they would’ve used for a person.

“Public safety is rule number one, and preservation of life, whether it be an animal or a human being,” said Lieutenant Joe Portio.

Jazzy turned out okay because his little puppy friend never gave up!

If you want to hear the whole story for yourself, watch the video down below!

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