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Stepbrother grabs mic and gives unplanned speech at wedding

He’s only 9-years-old and already has life figured out. ❤️

Weddings are moments for families to gather, people to celebrate, and friends to have fun!

It’s the celebration of relationship, and getting together with the people you love most is the best way to represent that!

Still, no matter how hard you try, there is always the potential for a wedding attendee to steal the show.

It can be a parent, an ex-friend, or even a younger sibling!

After a few drinks from the open bar, nobody can really predict how the ensuing hours are going to end up.

For one couple, that “show stealer” didn’t actually come in the form of an adult, but in a significantly smaller package.

A bride and groom were in the middle of their Denver, Colorado wedding when someone interrupted.

Troy and Katy Hudson had everything going perfectly fine – a rare thing indeed, in the world of weddings.

They had made it through the arrival and ceremony… but then the reception came around.

A wedding attendee came up and completely stole the show from them.

Who was this crasher, you might ask?

Well, it wasn’t a drunk adult or an aggrieved ex-lover, it was the bride’s 9-year-old brother!

That’s right, Katy’s younger brother went up to give a speech and it turned into one of the most memorable, and emotional, moments of the entire night.

Gus, her brother, explained what led him to give a speech.

Gus, technically Katy’s half-brother, is two decades apart from his older sister.

Still, that doesn’t stop him from knowing that she is the best sister ever. In his words:

“She’s the best sister ever. Nobody else can compare!”

It was that kind of emotion that led him to give the speech that he did

He was just so overwhelmed with emotion that he wanted to make it a good one.

When Katy got engaged, Gus was worried that he wouldn’t get to spend as much with her.

Despite that, once the reception started, Gus knew it was a magical thing.

He couldn’t help but love the party!

As he was giving his speech, Gus couldn’t make it through without shedding a few tears:

“I am so happy that you guys got married today. And, I know I might seem a little sad up here [shuddering breath], but these are tears of joy.

Through teary eyes, Gus was able to eek out a few more words:

“Katie I love you so much and I’m so happy you gave me a brother in law”

As you can imagine, the room was ALL tears after that!

Gus had one final word of advice for everyone, too!

He wanted everyone to know that family is family, whether the word “extended” is included or not.

If you “deep down” love them and they “deep down” love you, that’s all that really matters.

When you put it that way, it’s hard not to agree with Gus.

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