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Stranger finds stray puppy choking in the street, goes hero mode

We all react to emergencies differently. Most of the time, they catch us off guard.

Of course, we can be prepared for emergencies, but we’re never exactly expecting them.

We have ideas of how we would react in the case of an emergency, but it’s way different when you actually find yourself in that situation.

How would you actually react when you’re under pressure in the moment?

When this man woke up one morning, he had no idea that he would later be saving a puppy’s life.

The man was a stranger and the puppy was a stray but, nonetheless, their paths crossed and the man was able to jump in and save the puppy’s life without a second thought.

The man, Omer Yilmaz, discovered him when the puppy was choking on a piece of sausage.

Yilmaz was just your regular passerby, passing through a shop in Turkey’s Black Sea province.

That’s when the owner of the shop noticed that the puppy wasn’t breathing, so he put Yilmaz on the spot and asked him to help with the awful situation that would undoubtedly be very scary and intimidating for most strangers.

How do you just manage to save a puppy’s life with zero training or experience? It’s a scary thought.

It’s important to have an understanding of basic CPR measures… But it’s another thing to have to actually put them into use.

Luckily, Yilmaz did not panic when he found himself in this situation.

Because as we all know, panicking doesn’t really actually help anyone. In fact, it only makes manners worse most of the time.

So the man did what he had to do.

The good samaritan pulled the piece of sausage out of the puppy’s throat with his finger.

After that, he massaged the puppy’s chest — where his heart was — and gave it water, and even performed CPR on the dog.

He continued to do this until, thankfully, the puppy was up and breathing correctly again.

What would this poor pup have done without the help of this unexpected hero?!

A video of the scary moment was posted online and went viral, getting hundreds of thousands of views.

Of course, everyone was feeling a little bit shocked watching the pup suffer, but also relieved to see that there was, indeed, a happy ending.

“I respect this man,” one person commented on footage of the moment.

“This is the best kind of person,” another person said.

“He should get rewarded this man step into action not thinking twice God bless you and your family thank you,” someone else said.

One person had an especially important story to share:

“I’m a retired nurse and I’ve had to do this on a cat once! He was allergic to nail polish remover and took one sniff of the open bottle, then passed out and quit breathing!

I held him cradled in my right arm and gave him mouth-to-mouth while I drove 3 blocks to a vet nearby without getting pulled over (don’t try this unless you’re a very good driver),” this person said.

They continued: “It worked, and my little black Liebchen lived another further 12 yrs.

So please folks, learn basic CPR, because you never know when it’s gonna fall on your shoulders to save a life.

This good Samaritan is quite the hero.

God Bless all who don’t just keep walking and let it fall on someone else’s watch.”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Watch the clip below.

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