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Stray dog found covered in flea-infested fur – Groomer opens at midnight for emergency makeover

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The words “emergency” and “makeover” are usually only combined when people are exaggerating about their looks.

But this dog was truly in a desperate condition.

In Oviedo, Florida a couple were driving home one night then they saw something strange on the side of the road.

It was a dog. But its fur was so matted and tangled that the animal could barely move.

The couple got out of the car and went to the poor dog.

The animal was scared and would have run away, but he was too exhausted.

Luckily, the people had big hearts and took the animal in.

It was night, so they knew that they probably wouldn’t be able to take the animal to the shelter until the next day. But they couldn’t just leave it suffering.

When they got home, they discovered that the animal had fleas.

Many people would have abandoned the animal now.

But they realized that an inconvenience to them would be death to the dog.

So the couple posted about the dog on their social media channels.

A dog groomer, Kari Falla, living in the nearby area saw one of the posts and offered to open her store, groom the dog for no charge and keep him overnight.

Just after midnight, the couple and the dog arrived at the salon.

Falla started shaving the dog’s fur off. The animal was still petrified at this point.

He had never known human kindness and flinched whenever the shearer touched his skin.

Falla had to stop several times during the grooming, as the sight of the animal brought tears to her eyes.

“I know it was bad, but nothing prepared me for what I saw. It made me cry.” – Kari Falla.

It was a long and difficult task, but Falla kept at it. After three hours, she was done.

Then she gave the animal the first bath of his life.

And everyone was shocked when they saw the result.

The dog was incredibly handsome. In another world, the dog would have been adopted as a puppy and never made to suffer.

The next morning, Kari took the dog to the shelter.

Soon, the shelter arranged to bring the dog to the vet. The vet discovered that the dog was blind and deaf.

But over the coming days, the dog got happier and happier. He realized that was finally safe. The shelter named the dog Lucky.

The shelter found a foster home for Lucky. At last, someone was around who could give Lucky regular company and affection. Lucky’s social skills developed incredibly quickly.

Due to Lucky’s conditions, it took a while for him to find a forever home. But eventually, a loving owner took Lucky in permanently.

Lucky’s story affected many people on social media. They thought that the couple and the groomer were incredible people.

In fact, many people donated money to Falla for helping the animal out in his time of need. But Kari didn’t accept the money.

Instead, she allowed the shelter to use it to cover some of Lucky’s medical bills.

And just when you couldn’t thought that Falla the groomer couldn’t be more generous, she got more generous! She offered to groom Lucky for free forever.

Lucky sure does deserve his name, even if he had a difficult start to life.

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