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Stray dog sees abandoned human baby in streets. Then her motherly instincts kick in

Sometimes, a story pops up that reminds us why dogs really are man’s best friend. In many cases, it is easy to forget that dogs have instincts far beyond the scope of humans, and in a recent story where are stray dog had protected a small baby, this became even more apparent.

On the streets of Argentina, a stray dog that has been referred to by many locals as “Way” can be seen roaming around and searching for scraps of food leftover or thrown away. Way had been a mother herself, and she had experience in raising her own little puppies at the time. Way was walking around the streets of Argentina as she is known to do often when she stumbled upon a one-month-old baby abandoned in a dark alley. Entirely helpless, the one-month-old baby was left to freeze and die by her thirty-three-year-old mother, who no longer wanted her own child.

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