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Superstar Asks Tiny Girl To Sing ‘You Raise Me Up’. Seconds In, Girl Brings Down House

Have you ever wondered what happens to the “losers” from America’s Got Talent?

You may remember Celine Tam – the pint-sized cutie from Hong Kong, who was named after the Canadian vocal powerhouse, got kicked off the show last year before she made it to the finals.

German singer and entertainer Helene Fischer must be a sucker for underdogs, because after Celine failed to wow American audiences, she decided to invite the little girl onto her show to sing a duet of “You Raise Me Up.”

However, once the performance got underway, it didn’t take long for Helene to figure out exactly why the tiny singer never belonged on AGT in the first place.

Helene is an amazing songstress in her own right, and when the two singing talents stood facing each other on stage, things could have gotten pretty awkward. AGT judge Mel B booted Celine for singing a song that was way too big for her, and now the girl was staring up at a “big” adult who had already honed her craft.

As Helene sang the beginning lyrics to the moving melody, Celine looked up at the woman as if she were staring at a gorgeous goddess. She was totally awestruck! How was she supposed to match the German beauty’s buttery smooth voice?

Celine didn’t have to worry about amazing anyone, because that was pretty much guaranteed to happen. She was born to sing and she stole the show the moment she opened her mouth! The crowd roared in applause as the little girl sang her heart out.

It turns out that Celine wasn’t an AGT “loser” after all – she was actually way too good for that crowd! This tiny singing sensation not only has a voice to match her adult namesake, but her vocal range reaches stunning high notes that most singers would be envious of.

Thankfully, Helene wasn’t the jealous type. She knew a sparkling diamond when she saw one, and as the two sang a gorgeous rendition of “You Raise Me Up,” their good vibes spread through the entire audience.

When Celine sings, “I am strong when I am on your shoulders, you raise me up to more than I can be,” it’s not hard to imagine that she’s directing that gratitude towards the wonderful host who gave her another chance to shine.

Watch this video clip to see Helene and Celine’s stunning “You Raise Me Up” duet.

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