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Sweet Goldendoodle can’t stop saying “I love you” to his newborn human brother

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No one will be surprised to learn that dogs love their human families.

But this dog appears to be determined to say so to the newest family member.

A golden retriever/poodle mix is a very special kind of dog.

They have the super friendliness of golden retrievers and the hyper intelligence of poodles.

This goldendoodle, Ralph E. Doodle, may just be the best dog in the world.

Ralph’s mom and dad adopted the dog when he was just a little puppy.

At the time, it was just the three of them. But the family was only going to get bigger.

Eventually, the dog’s parents decided to have another baby. This time, they opted for a human.

The humans were worried that Ralph would be jealous of their baby.

But not too worried. After all, Ralph was an easygoing and sociable animal.

When their baby arrived, Ralph instantly fell in love with the little guy.

From that moment onwards, Ralph and Jack were the best of friends.

And then Ralph’s parents discovered that they were going to have another little baby.

Kyle came into the world, and Ralph suddenly had two brothers to play with and look after.

And then a third little brother came along.

Noah’s arrival meant that the house was brimming with happy children.

And Ralph was so in love with this sibling that he wanted to tell him that he loved him.

The dog appeared to have heard his parents saying, “I love you,” and learned that that’s what you say to people you love.

So Ralph started whining out the sound.

Naturally, Ralph’s parents were amazed at this. One day, they decided to capture it on video.

Ralph was sitting on the couch. Noah was lying on top of him.

The mom said, “I love you, Ralph.”

Then the dog whined back in a manner that sounded like, “I love you.”

The mom kept on telling the dog that she loved him. He kept on whining back, but these whines sounded less clear.

Eventually, the dog gave out another series of whines to the sound of, “I love you.”

And right away, the dog said it again. The baby started smiling, realizing that Ralph was expressing his love to him as well as his mom.

The video of this footage then appeared online, where it made quite an impact.

Since this video appeared, Ralph and his family have continued to love one another. Recently, The parents celebrated owning Ralph for nine years.

But was Ralph actually trying to say, “I love you?”

Scientific American claims that dogs have, “selective tonal imitiation skills.” These often have to be shaped by owners encouraging the noise and rewarding them when they make that noise.

So that means that Ralph isn’t technically saying, “I love you.” Instead, he’s saying a series of noises that he knows make his owners happy and might lead to a reward.

Of course, the dog does still love his humans, regardless of how he expresses it!

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