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Take a look inside this man’s amazing fairytale cottage by the sea

Welcome to “The Winckler,” a house inspired by fairy tales incorporated into the natural surroundings of picturesque Vancouver Island and made of locally-sourced materials.

A custom cottage

The tiny 500-square-foot cottage was built by Daniel Huscroft, a musician and builder and co-owner of Lindcroft Custom Dwellings (along with fellow musician Tim Lindberg).

“The inspiration came from the idea of building a whimsical cottage by the sea and capturing elements of fairy tale and storybook designs to complement the natural surroundings,” Huscroft said.

The house is named after its owner Bruce Winckler. But his friends like to call it the “Hansel and Gretel Cottage” too.

With a lofted bedroom, the house is two stories of sheer delight with a kitchen, living room, and bathroom – and, of course, a rustic vibe.

But not everything is from “once upon a time.” Modern amenities like stainless steel appliances and a glass shower make it liveable luxury.

A mix of storybook and textbook

It might look like it grew straight up from the earth, but a lot of painstaking effort went into crafting the unique abode.

For example, the cedar shakes on the roof had to be hand-made so they could fit the unique curve of the roof.

A large stone fireplace heats the home and acts as the centerpiece of the first floor.

The kitchen is entirely practical in its design with plenty of counter space (though Winckler now wishes he had sprung for the full oven). So did commenters:

“how do you not have an oven in a house like this??? how then do you bake pies and cakes and biscuits as you sing to the forest creatures who are cleaning your house???” one joked.

Like any other tiny home, no space is wasted – but like any well-designed tiny home, it still feels like there’s room to move around.

Storage space is key and hidden closets and drawers provide space to put away electronics and obscure things like the water heater so everything stays tidy.

Upstairs is a lofted bedroom – and the pitch of the roof gives Winckler space to breathe rather than being crammed into a claustrophobic attic.

The living room below is still visible, so that helps give the entire home an open and airy feel. It also lets in a bit more light.

Liveable whimsy

While some commenters were disappointed that the interior isn’t as whimsical as the exterior, it does need to remain liveable.

And it’s hard to sit on a toadstool all day – it’s bad for your back. But most people understood and appreciated the trade-offs.

“I love the marriage between the whimsical nature of the exterior with the contemporary characteristics of the interior.

It’s wonderful. A functional dream come true. I don’t need the interior to look like a fairy tale. Probably my favorite yet,” wrote a viewer.

The location of the home helps as well. Perched on the sea which is visible from most windows, it must feel even bigger.

This is probably the most surreal house we’ve ever seen (especially considering that someone actually lives in it!). We’re sure we’re not alone in wishing we could rent it for a week or two.

Be sure to scroll down below to take a tour of this amazing tiny home in an incredible location.

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