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Tall Ballerinas Take Stage To Dance – But Don’t Take Your Eyes Off The Tiny One In Middle

Audrey Nethery loves to dance. This little eight-year-old is a viral sensation known by her fans for her dancing and singing talents. But dancing doesn’t come easy for Audrey.

That’s because she suffers from a debilitating bone marrow disease called Diamond Blackfan Anemia. She’s undergone dozens of blood transfusions because her body doesn’t naturally produce enough red blood cells. So when she was invited by Rachael Ray to do something extra special on her show, Audrey jumped at the chance.

This little cutie was born with a hole in her heart and a cleft palate. She also hasn’t grown as fast as those her age because of the steroids she must take to combat her disease.

But she doesn’t let her illness slow her down. One of the professional ballerinas with The Nutcracker met with Audrey and her parents to extend an offer that floored this little dancer.

She was invited to perform a piece from the Christmas classic The Nutcracker with professional ballerinas from New York City.

First, Audrey donned the ballet apparel she was presented with, then met up with the professional dancers at a studio to stretch and work on her routine.

After the ladies polished the choreography, it was showtime. Audrey, flanked on both sides by two of the professional ballerinas, wore a tiara and performed their routine.

When the camera cuts to Audrey’s parents, Mom is crying, moved by the fact that her little girl has been given such a huge opportunity!

At the very end, Audrey executes a solo stint on stage, then wraps it up with a cute curtesy. Finally, the ballerinas present Audrey with one more surprise!

Watch this heartwarming video of a tiny trooper battling a big disease as she debuts in this modified version of The Nutcracker.

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