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Teacher Stops For Boy Frantically Pedaling Bike On Hwy Raising Red Flags When She Sees Look Of Terror On His Face

It’s not uncommon for a teacher and their students to develop strong bonds that go beyond the classroom.

They see each other daily and spend a lot of time together.

Some of them see more of their teachers than their parents.

One teacher happened to see a former student pedaling on his bike down an open road.

Something nagged at her that the boy was in trouble. When she asked what happened, she learned something that made her call the boy a hero.

Cameron’s father was diabetic, and sometimes his episodes would leave him in a bad condition.

Unfortunately, this happened one day when the only other person around was seven-year-old Cameron.

He ran to their neighbors’ house for help but they weren’t home. He had tried to call 911, but his father’s phone required a passcode.

The troubled boy then decided that he needed to get some help–and the only person Cameron knew was his grandmother.

The problem was she lived five miles away. Wasting no time, Cameron jumped on his bike and started pedaling down U.S. 25.

There were cars and huge trucks on the road, but Cameron was focused on getting his dad help. Thankfully, that day, one person saw him and helped him.

His former teacher, Keller Sutherland, was on the way home after a tiring day at Ellen Woodside Elementary School.

She was already a mile from school when she saw a young boy on his bicycle.

Since it was an open highway, she was worried that something bad would happen to him.

When she turned her car around, she immediately recognized that it was one of her former students.

Keller asked her student several questions until she learned that his father was in a bad state.

In an interview with Greenville News, Keller said that, despite the drastic situation, Cameron had remained calm and wasn’t even crying.

She said:

He was the bravest little boy I have ever seen.

Two truckers came upon the teacher and student and called 911.

When the first-responders came, Keller led them to Cameron’s house. They arrived just in time.

Cameron’s father was barely unconscious in the bathroom.

Because of the incident, the principal at Ellen Woodside Elementary School decided to hold a seminar to teach the students how to do emergency calls on different types of phones.

The video was uploaded on Facebook and went viral, garnering more than 37,000 views.

Cameron’s mother also commented on the post, thanking everyone who helped.

She also wrote that Cameron was so relieved when he saw his teacher, Mrs. Keller Sutherland. He knew that everything would be all right.

The bond between teachers and students can be a very powerful one, going beyond the four walls of the classroom.

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