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Teen hands Mom’s boyfriend a gift – He breaks down in tears when he sees adoption papers inside

It is customary on a highschooler’s graduation day that they receive presents, but in this video, the graduate is the one doing all the giving. In a heartwrenching moment, 18-year-old Lauren Hernandez surprises her stepdad of 17 years with a note that asks him to be her legal father and official adoption papers. His reaction is priceless and says more than words ever could.

Having been in Lauren’s life since she was 1-year-old, Joe Losco has been the father that Lauren never had. “Throughout the 17 years he has been in Lauren’s life, he has done all things that a father should do for their child,” Lauren’s mom, Sally, later wrote online, “so [she] decided to do something Joe never expected would ever happen.”

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