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Teen with special needs visits late mothers grave to tell her “I did it. I graduated”

Graduating is a big deal no matter who you are. Whether it’s an elementary school graduation or getting a PhD, it’s an occasion to celebrate.

And those special times are meant to be shared with loved ones.

But sometimes, life gets in the way of being able to do that.

During those times, we have to think of other ways to connect with the people we care about who are no longer alive.

Some people have heartwarming ways of doing just that.

A special needs teenage boy

This teen just graduated and he was excited as can be. It was a huge accomplishment in his life. He knew he had to celebrate with his mom.

But there was a problem

Unfortunately, his mother couldn’t be there on the day of his graduation.

No, she didn’t have to work, and no, she wasn’t busy with something else. There was a different problem.

A sad story

The boy’s mother had passed away. So, she didn’t have the chance to see her son graduate. But he knew he still had to tell her the good news.

Getting dressed up

This teenager knew that if he was going to see his mom, he’d better look his best.

So, he dressed up, wearing slacks, a shirt, and tie. He was super excited to tell his mom the big news.

A lovely bouquet

Then, it was time for this boy to go to his mom’s grave.

Since he wanted to bring her something that would mark this special occasion in his life, he took a beautiful bouquet of yellow flowers.

A message for mom

But this boy did much more than just leave the flowers at her headstone.

He wanted to talk to his mom. So, he took the chance to tell her that he finally graduated.

Such a sweet moment

Doing this was probably difficult for the recent grad. But at the end of the day, he looked happy that he went to her grave site.

After all, you don’t get to share that kind of moment with your parents very often.

Leaving her flowers

After he finished talking to his mom, he decided to leave the flowers he brought.

At first, he doesn’t know where to put them. But then, someone he’s with tells him where to place the bouquet. He gently sets them down.

A kiss for mom

He didn’t forget to show affection to his mother either.

Right before the boy left the cemetery, he kissed his fingertips and held them to her headstone. You can tell by this simple act just how much his mother meant to him.

Gratitude at graduation

This boy should be an inspiration to all of us. Not only did he manage to complete a very difficult task, but he also took the opportunity to share this moment with his mom. So many people take their families for granted. But what this boy has shown the internet is that it’s important to make time for those you love, even when they’re no longer around.

This video is so sweet that you simply have to see it. Just a warning…you might find yourself shedding a tear or two.

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