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The World’s Highest Bridge Is Made Completely Of Glass And It’s Actually Scary

Are afraid of heights? Are you one of those people that hardly go hiking because you, eventually, don’t want to look down from the cliff?

And, are you super scared of roller coasters? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then you might just be a little bit paranoid watching the video below.

There’s nothing dangerous about it, other than the fact that there are some people willingly taking pictures and strolling down a bridge that’s suspended thousands of feet above ground and made out of glass. Can it get any scarier?

People from far and wide and traveling to Zhangjiajie, China to check out what is known to be the world’s longest, and tallest, glass-bottomed bridge.

Although it sounds scary, I will admit that it is also absolutely breathtaking! The bridge is famously called The Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge, and is built in Hunan Province, China.

Want to know the shocking details? Well, here they are: the bridge is about 1140 feet long, and 300 meters above the ground (now imagine looking down from THAT)!

Designed by Israeli architect Haim Dota, tourists pay about $20USD to pay a visit to this marvel.

Although a lot of people may look at the bridge and question if it is safe, the architects behind this tourist attraction are 100% confident about its safety.

There is no danger to you if you go up for a visit. Would you go up for a quick selfie for the gram? I still don’t think I would.

The panels that make up the glass floor are triple layered — if one layer does happen to crack (we don’t want to think about that possibility now, do we?), there’s plenty of glass below to still keep the structure in place. The bridge can hold up to approximately 800 people at one time — that’s a ton of people on there at one time.

When it was first opened in August 2016, officials had estimated about 8,000 tourists a day.

Little did they know that the traffic was completely underestimated! 8,000 quickly turned into about 80,000!

That’s a massive turn out! The bridge was then closed for further constructional purposes and has yet to reopen.

Would take a walk over this bridge? Tell us in the comments below!

Watch the video below, and don’t forget to like and share this exceptional phenomenon with family and friends! Who knows, one of the might convince you to visit the bridge with them!

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