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Therapy horse cries when man plays music for him

Music is known to have a healing and calming effect on people.

It has been found that people who listen to music tend to be happier, experience less stress, be more efficient in their workout routine, be more focused, and feel less pain.

Just as music has so many benefits for humans, it is equally valuable for animals, too. Its healing effects can benefit them in ways that many of us have not even imagined.

Research has shown that pets can be benefitted from listening to classical music in many ways.

It helps reduce their stress levels, helps them cope with psychological stressors, such as loud noises or thunderstorms, and enhances their quality of life in general.

Similarly, horses have been found to react positively to the sound of music- although this largely depends on the kind of music that is played.

Scientists have found that classical and country music relaxes stable horses, helps them eat more quietly, and enhances calmness.

On the other hand, jazz and rock music have been found to stress them out and make them more nervous.

So, given all the above, when body talk practitioner Sam Slodowitz thought she wanted to offer her horse best friend a special gift, she thought it would be a great idea to invite a handpan player to play for it.

Beau is Sam’s horse. He is a therapy horse and in his life so far has helped various people overcome the hardships in their lives, just by being there for them, wrapping them in his calm aura. In fact, she prefers to call him a “multidimentional medicine horse”.

“Beau is a healer,” Slodowitz told The Dodo. “He’s helped many people heal a lot of deep stuff,” she explained.

So, when musician Robin Parrish was invited over to the barn by his friend Sam, he immediately accepted.

Undoubtedly, he knows the healing and calming effects music can have on both people and animals, and he thought it was a great idea.

Beau and Robin shared some special moments together that were captured on camera and have attracted lots of attention already.

In the video below, you can see Robin play the handpan, while Beau reluctantly at first and then decisively approaches him and tries to get as close to him and the musical instrument as possible.

“Needless to say, it was an incredible experience,” Slodowitz said of Beau’s reaction to Robin’s music and song. “He loved it very much and clearly wanted to be as close as possible.”

The video was posted by the musician on his Facebook account, and it has already been viewed by more than 4 million people!

“He was very calm and welcoming and got as close as he could. Animals have so much to teach and share with us if we listen,” Parrish wrote of his encounter with Beau in his Facebook post.

Facebook users received the video with great enthusiasm and only had nice words to tell Parrish about it.

“This made me want to cry. Beautiful,” someone wrote, while someone else commented: “I believe this was a healing moment for Beau , sometimes therapy animals need comfort too”. And he was probably right.

This moment between Beau and Robin is really priceless and we are sure it will warm your heart if you watch it, too.

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