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They Said She Can’t Dance Because Of Her Weight, So She Films This Routine To Prove Them Wrong.

Who says that it’s not possible to follow your dreams? Unfortunately, there are many people who will always try to discourage you on your way up the ladder, and stop you from reaching for the stars but that’s no reason to stop. And if there’s someone that can relate to this, it’s Whitney Thore, the amazing dancer in the video below.

Whitney has had a passion for dancing for years and while a whole lot of people tried to shut down her passion for dance, she decided to prove everyone wrong. The dancer has been suffering from eating disorders and self-confidence issues—she gained a large amount of weight because of polycystic ovarian syndrome.

For many that know, polycystic ovarian syndrome is not a curable condition and Whitney gained 100lbs as a result of it. At this point she says that a lot of people began to call her “fat an disgusting”. Just when we thought that the world was becoming a better place, people still struggle with acceptance all around the world—this is a very sad reality.

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