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This Country Passes Law That Makes Any Form Of Animal Abuse A Felony Charge. Do You Support This?

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Animal Rights activists in the state of Ohio have a reason to rejoice. A new law that went into effect on September 13, 2016 will finally charge anyone who harms an animal with a felony. The law, which has been long overdue, is called Goddard’s Law or House Bill 60.

The animal right’s law was named after Dick Goddard from the Cleveland TV station WJW will now charge any human who purposely causes harm to a companion animal a fifth degree felony. These are the lowest level felonies recognized by Ohio law. Nonetheless, this is a big step up in the protection of animals…

The bill was a textbook example of bipartisan support. Republican David Hall and Democrat Bill Patmon came together to get it through the state legislature. It passed through the Senate unanimously and got through the House with a vote of 92 to 1.

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