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This Frightened Puppy Was Crying After Surgery – The Vet’s Response Has Everyone In Tears

Vet Comforts Scared Puppy After Surgery

This man has a heart of gold. The sweet little puppy was coming out of anesthesia and frightened not understanding why she was feeling so funny. Dennis Moses, a surgical assistant and BARCS Animal Shelter immediately scooped her up in his arms and took her out into the quiet hallway to bring her comfort in the sweetest way possible.

Little Meesha just couldn’t understand why she was feeling so woozy, but certainly with the help of Dennis speaking so tenderly to her, she calmed down soon. And the wonderful news is just a few days after this video was filmed this sweet little dog was adopted into a forever home. No doubt she will continue to receive the tender love and care she received while under the care at this amazing animal shelter.

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