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This Photographer Captures Photos Of Owls Like None You’ve Ever Seen

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A few of these pictures are so brilliant in their detail that they’re creepy.

In this photos Sasi Smith really manages to humanize these creatures, who have always seemed kind of mystical and beyond understanding (so much so that they even got to become part of the magical world in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series).

owlsImage Credit: Sasi Smith

My favorites of these pictures are the ones where we get to see the owls all cozily snuggled up together.

owlsImage Credit: Sasi SmithIt sends a powerful and really important message: Animals are just like us.

owlsImage Credit: Sasi SmithowlsImage Credit: Sasi SmithThey have families and love and everything that humans have, and they deserve to be protected as well.


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