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Three 90-Year-Old Sisters Gather Around Hospital Bed. Their Next Move Quickly Goes Viral

When these two senior women found out their 97-year-old sister was in hospice care, they rushed to her aid.

Even though the medical staff was there to take care of her illness-related needs, they knew she needed some extra help.

With a hairbrush in hand and smiles on their faces, they helped her feel glamorous on one of her darkest days! Their gesture is simply heartwarming and stirs the soul.

As a parent, watching your children develop a strong bond (like you see here) is one of the most exciting things.

You can help your little ones grow this type of connection by taking several necessary steps.

The first thing Psychology Today suggests is to start building this bond early.

The younger your children learn to lean on each other and think of each other as best friends, the stronger their bond will be down the road.

You can also help foster an environment for a healthy sibling relationship by never playing favorites.

The publication says that picking a favorite child and acting on it can cause deep-seated resentment among the children.

Thankfully, these sisters have been there for each other through thick and thin.

They know all of each other’s greatest strengths and biggest flaws – and they still love one another regardless.

So when the eldest sister started hospice care, the two younger sisters ran to her bedside.

They knew they didn’t have much time left together as a trio, but they wanted to make sure the remainder of her days were filled with laughter, love and beauty.

That’s why they brought a brush along with them on their visit. The woman’s granddaughter caught the precious moment seen in the video below and shared it for the world to see.

We should all honor bonds like this! Watch this beautiful gesture in the video below and grab a tissue!

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