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Tiny 4-Year-Old Prepares To Dance Only To Look Up And Pierce Everyone’s Heart

Watching kids dance competitions is a whole lot of fun. Sometimes it’s hard to believe just how good the youngsters are, as is the case with four-year-old Ella Dobler.

She is such a little ray of sunshine! Thanks to her family who recorded her performance in the Rainbow National Dance Competition, Tampa, FL and later posted it on YouTube, now the whole world gets to witness her talent.

It is one of the cutest dance routines we have ever seen and is something that everyone can appreciate it.

Even if you don’t have kids, it doesn’t matter. We dare you to watch the video and try not to smile. It is pretty much impossible.

Ella chose a beautiful song for the routine too.

It’s a solo piano version of the track “Heaven is a Place on Earth” by Belinda Carlisle, and it turned out to be the perfect selection.

As the clip begins, we see Ella happily walking out from behind the curtains to the middle of the stage as her friends and family all cheer her on.

It’s great that she has so many people there to support her.

She starts her performance with her legs folded underneath her and her head bowed down to the earth.

Then, as the music gets going, she unravels her arms upwards just like a blooming flower. It’s heartwarming to watch.

Many of her motions match with the lyrics of the song.

For example, during the part that says, “When I feel alone, I reach for you”, Ella throws her hands up in the air like she is reaching out for love. It’s super cute.

In the part that says, “You pull me close and we start to move”, Ella tucks her hands in tight to her chest in an embrace and gently sways back and forth.

The whole routine was choreographed perfectly by her dance instructors, Alexandra Tirado, and Ashley Massicotte at New Level Dance Company.

Ella is quite the little talent.

Over the course of the next several minutes, Ella twirls around the stage, does some awesome splits, and busts out a whole bunch of cool ballet inspired moves sure to impress even the most seasoned of dancers.

Keep in mind how young she is. One of the best parts about watching toddlers dance is that they are just at the beginning of their careers.

With her age there is so much more time for growth, but we’d say for four years old she definitely did pretty awesome.

The judges agreed too. In fact, Ella’s Heaven on Earth routine was good enough to win her first place in the Age 4 Lyrical Solo division of the competition.

Her parents must have been so proud!

At around the 2 minute and 30 second mark, the music finishes up.

Ella gives a big old smile and head nod to the audience, and walks off stage to a loud applause from everyone attending the event.

It was well deserved.

If one thing is for sure, it’s that Ella certainly has a very bright future ahead of her in the world of dance. Here’s to wishing her the best. Congratulations Ella on the big win!

Watch the full video of four-year-old Ella Dobler’s Heaven on Earth dance routine below.

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