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Tiny baby blows up internet adorably trying to sing along with Karen Carpenter song

While we may often bemoan the negative effects technology has on our relationships, we have to admit the positive things that it’s done as well!

Since we all have a portable, high-quality video recorder in our pockets (our phones), we often capture some of the most memorable moments in life forever.

One of those sweet moments recently happened with a baby and a woman.

At a family gathering to see a newborn baby, one woman decided she would sing a song while they were all hanging out.

To the entire family’s surprise, the woman was joined by someone who wanted to sing along!

Apparently, the song being sung needed accompaniment!

Baby Adler is the famous individual in this viral video.

Strapped to his car seat near the table, the baby is doing what babies do best – making everyone around him laugh!

Adlers mom had a friend over named Annie. When Annie started to sing a song for Adler, the viral moment happened.

Annie started singing the song “I Need To Be In Love” by Karen Carpenter, and soon, baby Adler decided to join in!

Thankfully, the moment didn’t happen without someone catching it on video!

John, another family friend, was in the room and was able to pull out his phone and record the heart-warming moment!

John may have been the hero of this story for having quick recording reflexes as he did.

With a smile that could light up a room, Adler is seen in the video watching Annie sing… and then he joins in.

With an innocent grin and a laugh, Adler tugs at our hearts.

Singing the song from 1976, Annie has the full attention of the baby.

“The hardest thing I’ve ever done
Is keep believing
There’s someone in this crazy world for me…”

In the video, we finally hear Adler joining in!

Of course it isn’t English that he’s speaking… it’s baby!

Doing his best to find the right combination of teeth, mouth, and tongue, Adler tries to mimic Annie! His adorable face is cute enough that you immediately feel better watching him try to sing.

The smile that Adler provided us seems to be keeping a tradition!

Adler smiling and singing along with the song is perfectly in line with the original writer’s intent, too! Song Facts wrote:

“According to Carpenters – The Untold Story by Ray Coleman, “I Need To Be In Love” was Karen Carpenter’s very favorite song.”

The moment was so amazing it was no wonder that it blew up on the internet.

John, our camera-man-hero, wrote in the description of the video:

“Doug came by to teach me some chords for a song–Annie had started singing the Karen Carpenter song, “I Know I Need To Be In Love.” 4-month old Alder then tried to sing, too.

(Its a friend of ours child , she brought him by ) So I grabbed a nearby camera. Thanks to Lisa for bringing him over. What a cutie – John”

We are all happy he did! Check it out below.

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