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Tiny baby steals hearts trying to sing along Karen Carpenter song

Technology isn’t all that bad. Sometimes, it allows us to captures some of life’s sweetest and most hilarious moments!

One of these heart-melting moments took place when a woman began singing a Carpenters song to a friend’s four-month-old baby.

What the baby did next was so sweet, it’s easy to see why the incredible moment took off and went viral the way it did!

It’s hard to beat a live performance with someone that is truly talented.

In the video below, baby Adler is strapped to his car seat near the table.

His mom’s friend, Annie, decided to sing him a little song – she had no idea that it would result in this!

The song she started singing was “I Need To Be In Love” and within moments Adler was all ears!

Fortunately, a man named John (who was also in the room)had his phone on him and was able to record the moment. Let’s just say, everyone is really happy that he did.

Baby Adler has a smile that can brighten a gloomy day.

There’s something about the innocent and joyful grin of a baby that could turn even the toughest guy into a softy.

Get ready to have your heart tugged watching how happy Adler is listening to the 1976 song.

He seems enraptured by Annie and her voice as she sings with a piano in the background.

“The hardest thing I’ve ever done
Is keep believing
There’s someone in this crazy world for me…”

Did someone order a backup vocalist?

As Annie continues to sing, Adler builds up enough courage to join in himself! In classic baby fashion, he moves his mouth and tongue all around, trying to figure out how to make the right sounds to come out!

Seeing him move his little face and response is enough to make a Monday feel like a Friday.

His cute face makes the moment so cute you can’t help but want to squeeze him! He isn’t the first one to smile at the song, either!

Apparently, it’s a tune that put a smile on the late Karen Carpenter’s face as well. Song Facts reported on their website:

“According to Carpenters – The Untold Story by Ray Coleman, “I Need To Be In Love” was Karen Carpenter’s very favorite song.”

on this day in 1972, Karen and Richard were present at the White House! #tbt

Posted by The Carpenters onThursday, August 1, 2019

Everyone in the room was amazed by the tiny vocalist and his cute “singing”.

John decided to upload the video to YouTube and added the following description:

“Doug came by to teach me some chords for a song–Annie had started singing the Karen Carpenter song, “I Know I Need To Be In Love.” 4-month old Alder then tried to sing, too.

(Its a friend of ours child , she brought him by ) So I grabbed a nearby camera. Thanks to Lisa for bringing him over. What a cutie – John”

The video spread like wildfire and has been watched more than 3.4 million times.

Thousands of comments were left on the original video of Adler listening to Annie sing, “I Need To Be In Love.”

One person shared:

“This video just made my day! The joy on this beautiful and innocent child’s face melted my heart. Beautiful voice, thank you!”

Another commenter wrote:

“That sweet precious baby felt every word of that song. Karen would have been so proud, you did a wonderful job singing.”

It probably spread so fast because people can’t help but feel good after watching little Adler! Happiness seems to spread like fire!

You can watch the viral footage for yourself below!

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