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Tiny Boy Faces Hundreds Of Strangers. Now Watch Their Epic Response When He Steals The Show

There is nothing more precious than watching small children react to the environment around them. Our world is full of endless sights to see, things to touch, and sounds to hear.

As all parents know – toddlers are naturally curious and will stop at nothing to explore every detail of the world surrounding them!

These tiny tots spend their days getting into everything within reaching distance, testing the limits, and trying to get a reaction from those around them.

The little guy in this video certainly gets a “reaction” from the crowd of people in front of him, and boy does he run with it!

Standing in front of a large group of people may be intimidating (and possibly even nauseating) for most, but for this adorable, curly haired toddler it’s the exhilarating experience of a lifetime! Can you say, future superstar?

The video opens with the toddler facing a crowd of people who are seated in the grass, as he smiles and claps excitedly.

The crowd, smiling and cheering right back at him! Suddenly the boy pauses his enthusiasm for a moment – dropping his hands down to his sides and staring emotionless at the crowd. The people sitting on the grass quiet their cheering as well…

But, when someone from the sidelines encourages the toddler to continue clapping – the crowd joins in his celebration again, too!

Once this self-assured little guy realizes that the hundreds of people seated before him are actually mimicking his behaviors, it’s off to the races! He claps, they clap.

He smiles, they cheer. And the best of all, when he raises his tiny hands into the air and directly his little face towards the sky – the crowd does too! Enjoy this comical, heartwarming video:

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