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Tiny Girl Asks Prince William To Gallop Like A Horse, Crowd Erupts In Laughter Over His Next Move

Being a royal means remaining proper and poised at all times, particularly when one is out and about in the public eye.

But Prince William’s recent antics at the 2017 Royal Variety Performance has gone viral after he was busted doing something absolutely hilarious.

His wife’s response has people laughing right along with her, too.

The televised talent show included a little girl performing on stage who paused to make a special request of the prince who was seated in a private balcony near the stage with his wife Duchess Kate Middleton.

They were dressed to the nines for this spectacular event, looking quite prim and regal.

That’s when the little girl asked Prince William to gallop like a horse.

William and Kate begin laughing at the request, but what Prince William did next left Kate having a fit of uncontrollable laughter.

Apparently, the little girl was too cute for William to deny her request, even for a prince and future king of England.

Prince William busted out a galloping move that inspired the little girl and the rest of the kids in her troupe to gallop off the stage.

Everyone packed into the theater chuckled right along with Duchess Kate.

It appears that the show’s host, comedian Miranda Hart, had referenced galloping like a horse earlier in the show, which prompted the little girl’s appeal to the prince to participate.

This Royal Variety Performance is sure to be one they’ll treasure forever.

Watch Prince William’s impressive galloping moves and Duchess Kate’s hilarious response to her hubby’s caper in the video below.

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