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Tiny Girl Dressed As Big Bird, But It’s When She Turns Around That Made Everyone Break Out Into Laughter

Many adults grew up watching Sesame Street, which first aired on public broadcasting television stations in 1969.

In just one year, it will have educated young minds for almost half a century.

Sesame Street is a favorite among the toddler and preschool groups with its catchy kiddie tunes, valuable life lessons, counting games and social skill practices.

It’s cast of Jim Henson’s Muppets are comical and kids are treated to special appearances by celebrities.

But it’s the beloved characters that children fall in love with.

Sesame Street is broadcasted around the world, so kids everywhere know who the grumbly yet lovable Cookie Monster is.

They get a kick out of the comradery between Bert and Ernie, and respect the levelheaded nature of affable Big Bird.

Kids love to dress up as Sesame Street characters for Halloween and elicit giggles and smiles. One little girl named Lennah loves her Big Bird costume so much she even wears it shopping.

When dad Brian Street brought his darling daughter to their local Walmart, Lennah insisted on wearing her fluffy, feathery yellow Big Bird costume.

The tiny tot strutted her stuff, not knowing all eyes were locked on her for the best reason.

She adorably toddled down the store aisle and almost runs into a column because the remarkable and oversized headpiece was flopping feathers in her face.

This homemade costume is truly impressive! She strolls right up to the candy section and attempts to snack on something with the wrapper on.

Dad promises to purchase it for her, then she takes off sprinting and heads into the photography studio for her session. She’s just too cute to watch in action!

Check out Lennah in her sweet costume in the video below and prepare to get a chuckle out of her enthusiastic jaunt through the store.

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