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Tiny girl has the cutest ‘dance-off’ with mailman each day that’s melting hearts

I’m so glad this was captured on film – I love his moves!

Having to stick around the house more because of COVID hasn’t been the easiest thing – but it does force us to find happiness in new and unique ways.

One little girl has a special slice of joy that she looks forward to on a daily basis. She loves it when their mailman, Ian, stops by the house!

The toddler’s interactions with the postal worker are so adorable, her dad decided to capture them on film.

Dr. David DC is a chiropractor, photographer, and the proud father of a toddler.

Ever since his daughter could stand, she’s loved looking out the window to see her friend Ian the mailman.

The tiny girl doesn’t just wave at Ian though…

The two of them actually like to dance together!

Dr. David isn’t the only one who’s noticed how cute their interactions are.

According to the dad, the neighbors have too.

A neighbor in a house across the street recorded footage of Ian dancing in the family’s front yard, as the toddler danced in the window.

While a lot of people might be embarrassed to bust a move in public – this mailman sweetly doesn’t mind!

Getting to have a visit from her mailman buddy each day has been extra-special while being “stuck at home.”

At one point during Dr. David’s video, you get a closer look at the pair’s dance party.

His daughter grooves on the living room couch, while Ian cuts a rug outside. Seriously, doesn’t that just melt your heart?

The mailman spreads joy all over the neighborhood.

It’s not all the time that a person’s day-to-day kindness gets recognized.

But when it comes to Ian, Dr. David wants others to know about how “amazing” he is.

“[Ian] waves to everyone in the neighborhood and always has a smile on his face.

He really helps her and all of us through this pandemic.”

The dad’s touching video has Edith Whiskers’ version of the song “Home” in the background (aka Tom Rosenthal). In fact, the video has lots of people reaching for the tissues!

One Instagram user commented:

“The sweetest thing in the world. My goodness…it made me cry immediately!! 😭😭😭 Both of my parents were postal workers and I appreciate this so much!! 💙💙💙 Keep dancin!”

“Thank you for making and sharing this beautiful video. I can’t stop watching it with tears in my eyes and Ian deserves every bit of recognition he gets from this…”

The video has racked up millions and millions of views online.

Lots of people have shared it, including the dancing mailman (@mailmanofthecentury) himself. He captioned the video on Instagram:

“Great way to start the day. My route is the best”

Dr. David shared his feelings about the incredible response, saying:

“Wow, I am literally so blown away by the sheer volume of kind words that I have inspired. People have said the nicest things about that video I made, about the mailman and my daughter. I just don’t even know what to say about it, other than thank you.”

This is one of those stories that proves it doesn’t take much to bring joy to someone’s day. Let’s all take a page out of Ian’s book and spread kindness everywhere we go.

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