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Tiny Girl Refuses To Wish Papa ‘Happy Father’s Day’, Has Steve Harvey In Hysterics Explaining Why

While most of us have no problem wishing our grandfathers a happy Father’s Day, Hadley isn’t having it. The feisty little lady’s mother asked her to call her PawPaw on Father’s Day and all she got back was sass!

Thankfully she had the camera rolling and posted the video online where Steve Harvey got to see it! Immediately after he saw the video, Steve invited Hadley onto Little Big Shots to explain her unique outlook on Father’s Day!

First, Steve asks why she’s opposed to honoring her grandfather on Father’s Day, and she has a simple explanation! PawPaw is her mother’s father, not her own! After hearing why, Steve asks another tricky question.

He says, “Let me ask you something. If I’m a father, would you ever say to me, ‘Hey, Mr. Harvey, happy Father’s day!’ Without missing a beat, Hadley replies, “If you were my father I would.”

It’s clear Hadley will stick to her guns when it comes to who she will and won’t wish a happy Father’s Day to! But then Steve whips out the big guns. The curtain on the side of the stage lifts and Hadley’s PawPaw steps onto the stage!

Steve wants Hadley, and the rest of the crowd, to wish him a happy Father’s Day, but she’s still not convinced. See if she ends up saying “Happy Father’s Day” to her PawPaw by pressing “play” on the video below!

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