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Tiny Little Girl Interrupts Dancer, Goes Viral With Adorable Moves

Little Georgia is only two years old – and she already knows how to command the audience.

When Emma O’Sullivan, Irish dancer, saw little Georgia approach her during her performance, she was just as taken aback as little Georgia’s parents.

Emma decided to encourage this adorable, tiny dancer to keep going. Now watch as Georgia copies every move she sees from her new dance coach.


Emma O’Sullivan is an acclaimed artist throughout Ireland and abroad, known for her remarkable talent of sean-nós dancing.

Many know Emma by name throughout this region, and in this tourist center in Galway Ireland. People passing by see Emma alongside an adorable toddler, and can’t help but stop and enjoy the entire performance.


Georgia’s parents commented on how impressed they were at their young daughter’s boldness to get up in front of everyone.Emma herself was very young when she began to develop her talent, reminding her of her own early dancing days.

The two together made the enjoyable impromptu pair that has attracted millions of views on the internet so far. We hope Georgia keeps on dancing!

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