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Tiny little girl shows off her trick riding skills

All future cowgirls and cowboys can get horse riding tricks and tips from Reata.

Reata might be small but she is a natural on her pony, Houdini.

She is here to show all riders how they can ride their horse or pony frontwards, backwards, and even on the side.

This little girl can do it all.

Reata and Houdini are quite the pair.

Houdini must be used to Reata climbing all over him because he does not move an inch as she gives a great tutorial on all the different ways a person can trick ride on their horses.

She starts already hanging of the side of Houdini and holding on tight to her saddle.

Normally a parent would tell their daughter to be careful, but not when you are being raised on a horse ranch.

Reata and her siblings are growing up at the TnT Ranch, owned by their parents Tom and Tracy Davis in Weatherford, Texas.

The ranch not only sells horses but their ranch also provides equestrian lessons as well.

Reata and her siblings have been surrounded by horses as long as they can remember.

During parts of the video, you will hear Reata’s mother and older sister providing helpful hints and guiding Reata along.

Reata starts the video hanging off the side of Houdini but is quick in wanting to show off how to ride backwards.

She climbs onto Houdini and sits in her saddle backwards. Once she is fully seated, she raises her hands in a “ta-da” fashion.

She does not stay backwards for long because she has a goal to show off all her riding tricks.

Reata is excited to show how to dismount her pony, but she is not going to dismount like every other rider by going off the side of the saddle.

Reata knows how to dismount off of Houdini from the back.

She jumps off the back of Houdini like it is not big deal, like she does it everyday.

That is probably because she does do it everyday. What she does not know is how impressive her skills are, especially at such a young age.

Reata decides her next trick is going to be laying sideways on her saddle.

This seems to be comfortable because she does not move quickly, as she had in her previous trick positions. Who could blame her?

She needs a quick break after all these trick moves.

Reata saves the most impressive trick riding move for last.

She holds her entire body on the side of the horse, by only holding onto the horn of the saddle.

This trick is not only a very impressive way to ride a pony, but also takes major strength.

She is holding up her entire body weight just by her hands.

Reata is small but she is fierce and talented, never underestimate a person by their size or age.

If you are impressed with Reata’s trick riding skills, then you must check out her second video as well.

Reata has grown a year in age and can fully stand on the saddle now. Don’t worry, she is still with her number one pony, Houdini.

Press play, right below, to watch Reata show off her best trick riding skills.

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