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Tiny Toddler Meets Baby Sister For 1st Time, But Watch As She Realizes She’s No Longer The Baby

After months of waiting for the special moment their older daughter would meet their newborn, the day finally arrived.

Bringing home their new baby girl was exciting on so many levels. Not only did these loving parents have the opportunity to care for a darling new baby, they had the blessing of giving their oldest daughter a new sibling.

A new life to love, cherish and care for came with so many little moments. These little moments would make up their new life together as a family of four.

As soon as mom and dad approached their home where their older daughter was waiting, surely nothing could ever quite compare to the special moment that came next.

To their heart-warming surprise, the little girl was already waiting for them with the help of her grandma.

As she peeped out the window, she repeated one beautiful word that melted their hearts.

Their daughter’s first sight of the newborn had her utterly intrigued. At 18-months-old this little gal found out she was no longer the baby in the family.

She had her own way of telling mom and dad just how she felt about it. Since their newborn was carried in her car seat, older sister was more ready than ever for a closer look.

Dad sat close to supervise, and even he couldn’t believe his eyes when older sister came over with an idea.

This 18-month-old proves that one can never underestimate a young child.

She understood not only that this was her new baby sister, but that she already had a special bond.

As she made her way over to show her love and welcoming arms to her, mom and dad’s hearts melted.

Watch this cute moment the sisters meet for the first time ever in the video below.

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