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Toddler shares adorable friendship with a deaf Great Dane who escaped a heartless owner

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Echo’s first owner saw no reason to love a dog with disabilities.

Luckily, she found a loving home. And it got even better when Jennie was born.

Everyone in the neighborhood loves to see Echo and Jennie on walks in the morning.

Jennie is a toddler, and Echo is a huge Great Dane.

These siblings look mismatched, but their love for one another is obvious.

But things weren’t always so good for Echo.

Echo’s first owner had her from the dog’s birth.

As Echo grew, the owner was annoyed that the dog didn’t follow any commands.

But later, the owner learned that Echo was deaf and had limited vision.

Instead of accepting Echo for who she was, the first owner wanted to put her to sleep.

This person reasoned that the dog’s disabilities warranted euthanasia.

Luckily, Marion Dwyer, Jennie’s mother, heard about Echo and got into contact with the owner. She convinced him to give her the dog.

When she went to pick up Echo, Marion was appalled to see the puppy in such a bad condition. She was extremely malnourished.

Marion took Echo to the vet, who discovered that the puppy had been so hungry, she had tried to eat rocks. They were able to treat her.

Soon, Echo was growing healthily. Marion found out that the initial malnourishment did nothing to stunt Echo’s growth.

In no time at all, Echo was as huge as she was happy. She was so grateful for Marion for saving her.

Marion already had two Great Danes when Echo arrived.

These two dogs realized that Echo needed emotional support.

In fact, their acceptance of Echo must have helped the poor puppy recover so fast.

But then Marion discovered that she was pregnant. Marion hoped that Echo would treat her baby with love.

But she was still worried. After all, Echo was huge, and would she get jealous?

As the months passed by and the baby grew in the womb, Marion began to realize that Echo would welcome a human sibling into the home.

That’s because Echo kept on cuddling Marion’s baby bump. Clearly, Echo knew that a baby was on the way and that she needed to look out for her.

Naturally, when baby Jennie was born, Echo fell in love with her right away.

The dog was overjoyed to finally meet her little sister.

And as the months passed, Jennie grew to love Echo. The two wanted to spend all their time together.

By the time that Jennie was a toddler, she was keen to take Echo’s leash during walks.

The sight of the tiny toddler walking a huge dog sure has turned a lot of heads!

In fact, a news report of Jennie walking Echo has become incredibly popular online.

Echo is an incredibly lucky dog.

She has an amazing life and a loving family. It’s crazy to think that her first owner wanted to put her down because of her disabilities.

Hopefully, Echo’s story will show people that disabled dogs are just as loving and worthy of adoption as any other dog.

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