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Toddler Sits Next To Tough Man On Flight, When He Repeatedly Drops Blanket Mom Captures Man’s Act

Coasting through the bright blue, cloud-filled sky as you direct the air conditioning vent towards your face, and gently tuck the airline blanket around your neck to catch a little shut-eye – ahhh, there’s nothing quite like flying, right?

Well, for a parent traveling with a young child, the day may perhaps look a little different…

Over-flowing activity and snack bags, clogged ears, countless potty trips, inconsolable tears, and irritated onlookers – ugh, “Are we there yet?”

Traveling can be stressful, especially when kids are involved. One worried mom recently made a lengthy trip via the skies with her toddler. And, as luck would have it, she had a flying experience which she will certainly never forget.

Flickr/Jason O’Halloran

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