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Town Refuses To Rescue Eagle Hanging From Tree, But Watch What An Army Veteran Does To Help

This Fourth of July weekend, our nation celebrated many things we’ve come to know as uniquely American.

When one Minnesota Army veteran saw one such symbol of American pride hanging from a tree, he decided to take the necessary risks to protect it.

Jason Galvin was on his way to buy minnows for a fishing trip when he saw an eagle dangling from a tree by the side of the road.

A U.S. Army veteran, Galvin called the police, Fire Department, and Department of Natural Resources in an attempt to responsibly and effectively save the bird.

After being told by all three that the eagle was not within their jurisdiction, Galvin took matters into his own hands.

Using his training as a U.S. army sharp-shooter, with two Afghanistan tours under his belt, Galvin shot the small bit of rope dangling between the bird and tree to attempt an unlikely rescue.

After an estimated 150 shots, the rope holding the eagle was exposed. Watch what happens as an army veteran risks aiming his gun directly at one of our nation’s oldest symbols of pride.

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