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Trick-Or-Treater Walks Up To Find Candy Bowl Totally Empty. Security Camera Footage Goes Viral

When we think of trick-or-treaters, images of hordes of happy children eagerly walking around the neighborhood to snatch up every single piece of candy come into mind.

The sugar rush, spooky costumes and crowd of friends all make the perfect environment for a child to get into a wee bit of mischief if left unsupervised!

But not for this boy in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He did something on Halloween night that’s going viral for all of the right reasons.

Thankfully, one homeowner had a video camera running and captured his act of kindness. It all started when the boy approached Jesse Robertson’s home.

Jesse had placed a bucket of candy out for children and left a sign that read “Do a trick, take a treat! Only one or two, please.

You’re on camera!” Unfortunately, when the boy approached Jesse’s home, the candy was gone and he was forced to walk away without a piece – but not without doing a silly trick!

After his “trick” was complete, Mom and the boy left the house and headed back out on their trick-or-treat mission. Just as they were about to leave, the boy stopped in his tracks

He needed to do something really fast! So the boy ran back up to the empty candy bucket and dipped his hand into his own bag.

He couldn’t stand the thought of another child approaching the bucket and walking away with nothing!

So he took several pieces of candy out of the bag and gently placed them in Jesse’s bucket.

Now someone else would walk away from the home with happiness in their hearts! What a wonderfully kind and thoughtful gesture this young boy did!

Take a peek at this small act of generosity and kindness by pressing “play” on the video below.


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