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Triplets Know It’s Time To Eat, Mom Lucky Enough To Capture Footage She’ll Never Forget

Mom was happy to let her triplet boys know that it was time to eat, but they had one important thing to accomplish first. These adorable little boys named Brandon, Christian and Aiden carefully watched mom as she placed their bottles right in sight.

The desire to eat was strong, but their competitive nature played a big role in how they were going to get it. Before mom knew it, they were battling each other for their meal in a way that she will always laugh about.

Born with the natural ability to want to win, these triplet boys came up with their own plan to make mealtime not just simply mealtime, but an epic game.

Though they aren’t quite old enough to make the rules clear to each other, they somehow are already able to understand what the game is all about.

Mom watched in wonder as the boys began army crawling, firing up a game of their very own. Encouraging the boys to have a little fun, she reacts in a way that had the boys as ready as ever to win.

Cheering them on as they fought for the ultimate prize, she witnessed a game she will never forget.

It was absolutely hilarious and we’re so glad she captured their ambitious trek to mealtime on video for us to enjoy.

Vanessa is the lucky mother of triplet baby boys. She is also these boys’ biggest fan.

Listen as this loving mom encourages her sons in their clever race.

The way that these boys speed across the floor will leave you in shock.

They’re not just athletically inclined at such a young age, but they are so adorable!

It seems as if they forget that they are headed for their bottles, they’re so engrossed in their race against each other.

Watch their adorable game in the sweetest video below. Mom even has “off to the races” music playing along with it. You won’t stop laughing!

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