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Truckers help thirsty 3-week-old elephant found on roadside and take detour to keep her safe

Elephants are such magnificent creatures.

They are gigantic, yet they look gentle. Their males are as majestic with their stance and long tusks; their females are often regarded as one of the greatest mothers among mammals.

They are also matriarchal herds.

It is usually the biggest and oldest female elephant that leads the herd of other female or mother elephants and their calves.

Mother elephants are very protective and caring of their young. Carrying and giving birth to them alone is already a big commitment.

So, to see a baby elephant alone can be very concerning.

Unlike other animals, calves do not have any survival skills or instincts.

They rely heavily on their mother to guide them in getting food and protecting them in times of danger. To be separated by one’s mother could spell a grave threat to a calf.

And these truck drivers from South Africa did the most heartwarming gesture.

The drivers work for a company called AfriAg Transport Company.

While driving through Botswana, they found themselves blocked by a downed bridge.

Unsure of how to move forward, they stopped to weigh in their current predicament.

That is when they found this baby elephant.

They looked all over the horizon but couldn’t find its mother or any other elephant in the herd where she belongs. They also so that it was extremely thirsty.

They gave her most of the water they have.

You can see in the video that the calf was delighted (and maybe relieved) to finally get some water.

She drank with gusto – even yanked the water bottle! We can only imagine how happy this little one might be.

But the trucker’s good deed didn’t end here.

Without any herd to go back to, this calf is in great danger to many other wild animals that could travel around the area.

Then, the truck drivers took the calf to the nearest sanctuary who could take care of it.

And, yes, even if it means rerouting their whole trip.

They sent the elephant to Elephant Sands, a lodge and campsite in Nata-Kasane Road where one of the trucker’s friend is staying. They let her take care of the calf so she can be attended to.

After 50 hours under their care, they transferred the baby elephant to another organization.

They decided to let Elephants Without Borders pick her up, giving professional and expert care.

The organization dedicates itself to conserving wildlife, thus, their willingness to take the young elephant in and protect it from predators and poachers.

The truck drivers received a lot of praises from people for what they did.

In their Facebook post, they took pride in their job and their name.

Which translates to:

“AfriAg men hold (the) name high. (They) saved a 3-week-old elephant without a mother. She goes safely to Nata where they rescue animals. Well done, Carlos Groenewald, and Pieter.”

Indeed, they deserve this recognition.

Without their help, who knows what danger could have fallen upon the young elephant. A heartwarming gesture that reminds us of our roles as humans to help and protect the lives around us.

If you like to help preserve wildlife, consider donating to Elephants Without Borders.

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