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Twins notice each other for 1st time and melt internet’s heart

Kyson and Kaden didn’t know it back then but they’re twins.

As far as they were concerned, the other one was just a smaller human compared to mom and dad. Not a brother or a twin, just another baby.

Up until they were eleven weeks old that is. Pretty early for babies to socialize but it must be the twin thing.

Hey, bro!

Look at those adorable faces! Kyson and Kaden begin cooing at each other, responding with smiles when one coos.

It’s like, “Hey, good looking! I’m your bro!” while the other goes, “Dude, I know!”

Except in baby talk. Can we get subtitles for this?

But the boys really are talking to each other! When one twin speaks, the other listens intently. It’s as if there’s a whole other world that only the boys know about. Adults not allowed.

“Eleven weeks old. They finally notice each other.”

Says the woman behind the camera. Mom?

It’s at this stage that babies begin to recognize faces and see in color. So maybe seeing each other was a real treat for these two. “Who’s that good looking baby? Who’s that handsome little guy?”

Now they’ve also discovered that they can move their hands and feet so maybe that’s what Kyson was telling Kaden, and vice versa.

Those smiles are brand new too!

There are two women behind the camera. One must be mom while the other is anyone’s guess. They’re both pretty entertained with Kyson and Kaden though. Lots of firsts going on there!

For all the cooing and babbling going on, they add some bubbles for the full baby effect. It’s like, “Bro, you got something there.”

It’s super cute. After one twin talks, the other responds.

And these boys know how to listen when spoken to! Just look at how Kaden stares at his brother. Kyson’s got a really intense story going on there.

What’s even cuter is that the twins seem to drown out mom and her friend. Most babies immediately react to mom’s voice but these two are engrossed in their conversation.

What’s going on, guys?

Those smiles hide secrets. They’re boys, brothers, and twins. Imagine the bond these two have. Kyson and Kaden have over 8.1 million views. All of those viewers were wondering what the conversation was about.

And it looks like they’re full too. No fussing or crying about while the boys have their little chat. That’s good. More calories to burn as they discover all those emotions and sensations. There’s so much more to discover!

The wonderful thing here is that they can interact with each other. Where a single baby would need mom or dad to constantly stimulate them with physical affection and vocal bonding, the twins can keep each other busy.

Topics must have ranged from, milk, that new color on the wall, mom’s weird words, and even saliva bubbles. Kyson and Kaden love each other’s company. And that’s good because this is a “for life” gig.

The dynamic duo will fight life’s challenges together. There will be scrapes and bruises but a brother will always have his sibling’s back.

Can you make out what they’re saying? Watch the adorable twins below and try!

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