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Two-year-old girl finds best friend for life in sick pit bull

Are Pit Bulls Dangerous?

It’s a topic of hot debate among dog breeders and enthusiasts alike.

Pit Bull is a catch-all term for breeds including the Bull Terrier, the American Pit Bull Terrier and Staffordshire Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Generations of mistreatment and using these dogs for criminal dog fights have unjustly earned them a reputation for being aggressive.

In some countries legislation exists to stop their breeding, or even call for the dogs to be put down by virtue of their breed alone.

Taking a chance on a Pit Bull can change the lives of not only the dog itself, but the family who adopt it. This is the story of a lucky old Pitty who would come to be named Scarlett.

A young girl, referred to as “G”, spotted Scarlett at the shelter and immediately took a liking to the canine.

Unlike some of the other more healthy dogs, Scarlet had a snotty nose, and smelt badly of mange.

G was patient even when the dog was shy and nervous about walking around.

She turned to her mother and said “Let the doggy out. Need help“.

Oftentimes, dogs who have been in shelters for a while can be tentative around new people, but something about G’s caring nature encouraged Scarlett to trust her.

Perhaps it’s that adorable innocence of the toddler.

The pair went out to the yard to play and Scarlett didn’t leave G’s side, following her every where.

She gave the dog hugs, kisses and belly rubs, playing together as if they’d been pals their whole lives.

And maybe they were in a different universe. Soulmates. Kindred spirits.

G even wiped the snot from the dog’s nose and the goop from her eyes with her dress.

This young girl showed so much love and affection for her new friend that soon they would become inseparable.

“Doggy sick need help”,

G only wanted to help and heal Scarlett. Where many kids might look at a dog with snot, eye goop and mangy skin and resist touching it, this little one opened her precious heart to the pooch.

Scarlett followed G around the yard, never leaving her side.

It seems as if Scarlett decided straight away that G was to be her new best friend, and was not going to leave without her.

There’s an unspeakable connection only these two understand.

When Scarlett went back into her kennel, it became clear that G would not allow her new best friend to be left behind.

“Sick Doggy. Need help. Go home.”

They were few words, but no more was needed to share what was in this caring girl’s heart. Scarlett got to go home!

Scarlett is definitely not a danger to anyone.

She’s a lonely, sick dog that just needed a helping hand and a huge heart.

All she needed was G’s attention and desire to help in order to prove that a Pit Bull can be as cuddly as any other dog.

Watch the full video below to witness this heart-warming tale between a toddler and a pitty!

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