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Watch the powerful moment a mother orangutan is reunited with her kidnapped daughter

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In some ways, Clara is just like every other loving mother out there, even if she is an orangutan.

The Orangutan Jungle School in Borneo, Indonesia, sees many ups and downs.

The hard-working staff members do all that they can for the animals. This mother and baby reunion story shows just how dedicated the workers are.

When Clara gave birth to her child, Clarita, she was over the moon.

Just like any human mother, Clara clung onto the baby tight and tried to protect her.

But then one day, a dominant male orangutan forced the baby out of Clara’s hands. The monkey ran off with Clarita.

Both the mother and the baby were distraught. They had no idea if they were going to ever see each other again.

Luckily, the staff members of the Orangutan Jungle School managed to locate the male who had taken Clarita.

They were able to rescue the baby.

It was soon time to reintroduce the baby to the mother, but they were cautious.

A human babysitter, Ursula, looked after Clarita until they could be sure that the baby had sustained no injuries.

Then Ursula walked up to Clara’s cage to see if the baby could be reintroduced.

As soon as Clara saw the baby in Ursula’s hands, the mother shot up to the side of her cage. She wanted to see if that was her baby girl.

Ursula told Clara that it was indeed her baby and raised up the baby’s face to the mother.

Right now, everything was going smoothly. But the staff were still worried.

Clara and Clarita had spent a week apart. This separation could have meant that Clara would reject or harm Clarita.

Instead, Clara’s loving gaze showed everyone that the mother was desperate to have the baby back.

Then the mother stuck her hand through the cage and tried to caress the baby.

The staff members were still cautious. The mother seemed loving, but they wanted to reintroduce the baby slowly just to be safe.

After carefully monitoring the mother and daughter’s reactions, the staff members decided that the mother could hold her baby’s hand.

Then Clara moved her hand onto the baby’s head and started gently stroking.

Next, Clara stuck her mouth through the cage and started kissing her baby.

This showed the staff members that it was time for the mother and baby to be properly reunited.

The staff members opened the cage and handed Clarita over to Clara.

Immediately, Clara gave Clarita a big hug. Everyone was still watching, just in case.

They still had one major worry. Sometimes, orangutan mothers don’t breastfeed their children if they have been separated from them.

The staff members were hoping that Clara would allow her child to feed.

Clarita started crying, and Clara could tell that the baby was hungry.

So Clara lay down and let Clarita have some milk. Everyone was so relieved. Clearly, Clara was going to continue to be a loving mother to her baby.

“It’s so beautiful, like ‘oh, it’s my baby,’ and Clarita’s also like ‘oh, this is my mother.

Finally, I can see her again after a long time.’ It was one of the best moments, when I work here, to see the united mother and daughter.’ – Vivi, Orangutan Jungle School team member.

The staff members will be making sure that no other males try to take Clarita again.

From now on, the mother and daughter can enjoy each other’s company in safety.

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