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Wedding couple perform elegant waltz first dance

This is the most beautiful first dance I’ve ever seen.

The first dance is always a magical moment as a married couple.

It is often the first moment spent alone with your new spouse and it is a breath of fresh air after all the extravagance of the ceremony.

Everyone knows they are about to eat and party! The first dance is also a chance to show off your skills, if you have any, that is.

The first dance is a chance to show your dance moves if you have them!

For some people, they just do the classic “sway and turn”. This is a classic move that lets everyone know that the moment is special, but you didn’t plan anything fancy for it.

For some, this just simply isn’t enough – going to extraordinary lengths to coordinate and plan a routine for the first dance is something that only the bravest journey towards.

For one couple, they decided that elegance was the best thing for them.

What dance would be perfectly elegant, laid back, and still beautiful? The Waltz!

This couple decided that they were going to do the Viennese Waltz for their first-ever married dance. The results were absolutely stunning!

The Viennese Waltz is a graceful and old dance.

It is known as the oldest of the ballroom dances and originated in Germany. It is performed and identified by turns and steps. Wikipedia states:

The Viennese waltz is a rotary dance where the dancers are constantly turning either in a clockwise (“natural”) or counter-clockwise (“reverse”) direction interspersed with non-rotating change steps to switch between the direction of rotation.

A true Viennese waltz consists only of turns and change steps. Other moves such as the fleckerls, American-style figures and side sway or underarm turns are modern inventions.

When this couple starts their dance, all the phones come out to record.

When the music starts, you know that the couple has some practice with this.

Starting with a sweeping bow, the two move forward and formally embrace for their big moment.

Sweeping around the room to the music, it is classy and graceful.

While this would look wonderful in most clothes, it takes on a special elegance when the dancer is wearing a wedding dress!

The long, flowing bottom sweeps around, lingering where the dancer was just moments before. The entire event is beautiful and wonderful to see.

As they twirl and strut across the room, their practice is made evident.

It doesn’t take a lot to see that the two spend hours practicing their moves so that this moment would go smoothly.

Halfway through the dance, the groom even picks her up off the ground for a full sweep while she flies through the air, almost losing her tiara!

As she comes back down to the ground, they continue to execute their moves perfectly.

In the final steps of their dance, their smiles grow as they know they have done a wonderful job. Finishing the Waltz with one final lift, a few more twirls, and an elegant bow, the couple finishes their first dance.

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