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Whales breach the water to hear woman play

The ocean is home to so many incredible creatures and organisms.

Even though we’ve only explored 5% of the world’s oceans, we continue to be fascinated.

To think marine wildlife has an entire language they use to speak with one another is absolutely amazing.

By using all kinds of clicks, squeaks, and songs marine mammals can communicate with one another.

A Language Of Their Own

But is it possible for humans to communicate with these magical animals? Well, one woman in Maui used her talents to connect with some whale friends and you won’t want to miss it!

Maui Hawaii is a very popular spot for whale-watching. Whales migrate from December throughout April to enjoy the shallow warm waters of Maui.

Specifically, humpback whales love the tropical waters, and every year over 10,000 humpbacks migrate to Maui’s ocean.

Incredible Sights

When this whale-watching boat set sail they had no idea what kind of magic they were going to witness.

A woman on the boat was in awe of these beautiful creatures and saw a perfect opportunity… to bring out her violin!

The woman began playing for these giant beauties. The whale’s reaction could not have been better as they came to breech to enjoy the live concert for themselves.

Musical Mammals

It’s rare to have whales hang out on the surface for a while, but these ‘whaley’ awesome friends were loving the violin solo.

A mother whale and her baby were having a blast listening to the music.

The pitch of the violin might even have sounded familiar to the whale audience.

The talented woman continued to play for these astonishing animals while they continued to stay on the surface.

A ‘Whale’ Big Deal

When you get to see a whale right in front of your eyes it’s truly a sight like no other.

You don’t grasp how large these peaceful animals are until you see them alongside the boat you’re in.

But thankfully these whales weren’t trying to jump up onto the boat, they were there to soak up some wonderful tunes.

Or maybe they were trying to interpret the violin song into their own language!?

The Power Of Song

Whales are quite the musicians themselves.

They use songs to socialize with one another, find food, and find their friends and family.

The power of song is real in the deep blue sea! It’s amazing that whales have perfected their singing craft to help navigate them through life.

Giant Musicians

Now that they have live performers on the surface they can sit back and enjoy the show.

This violinist saw the perfect chance to perform for a larger than life audience.

We’re sure these whale-watchers will keep this memory close to their hearts.

One thing is for sure if you’re ever looking for a whale watching experience Maui is definitely the place for you.

Over-Whale-Ming Beauty

It’ll be hard to have an experience quite like this one but it will definitely knock your socks off.

Whales are really one of the most magnificent creatures and maybe one day they can give us some singing lessons!

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