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Woman Approaches State Trooper, His Immediate Actions Toward Her Goes Viral

On the way to work the early shift at Walmart, Kendra Powell noticed a Georgia State Trooper squad car on the side of the road with its trunk popped open and no officer in sight. Curious, Kendra slowly drove up to the car to see what was the matter – that’s when she saw the officer bent over, diligently cleaning his vehicle’s windows.

The two exchange pleasantries, but then, without hesitation, the officer offered to do something extremely kind for Kendra.

As soon as she got home from work, Kendra rushed to her computer to share her heartwarming story with the Love What Matters Facebook page:

“So, on the way to work this morning, I noticed a State Trooper on the side of the road with his trunk up. I felt compelled to stop and make sure he was okay. I never saw him, just the car.

So, I creeped past at a snail’s pace and turned around.

I pulled up to the car and cracked my window, hands clearly visible. I saw a white trooper come from the side of the car.

I said good morning and asked if he was okay and needed help. He smiled a brilliant smile and replied, ‘No ma’am,’ [and] that he was cleaning his windows. He showed the bottle and towels to me and I told him he had the good stuff.

He chuckled and asked if I minded if he cleaned mine too. I told him I was OK but he insisted. Highlight of my day…. [a] state trooper cleaning my windows with the good Rain-X cleaner. Every passerby had a stunned expression on their faces.”


Facebook/Love What Matters

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