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Woman Reluctantly Approaches Street Performers, Her Next Move Is Something No One Expected

There are those certain songs, and we can all name a few, which instantly liven up a room.

Whether you are a fan of country, hip hop, reggae, or the oldies – you have those specific songs which bring immediate joy to your heart, happiness to your soul, and rhythm to your feet!

For many, Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” falls directly into this soul-livening, body-energizing category!

Although Lampa Faly, a Reggae street musician, intended for his “Three Little Birds” performance to be a solo act – as we all know, life doesn’t always go as planned…

Lampa is surrounded by a large crowd as he begins strumming his guitar to the initial beats of the song.

He sings into the microphone, “Rise up this morning, smiled at the rising sun.” But before Lampa finishes the next line, a woman chimes in from the crowd – everyone turning to look!

The stranger in the audience is dressed in business attire with her hair pulled back neatly into a pony tail – she appears to be on lunch break, and simply out enjoying the musical sounds of the street.

However, when Lampa hears her stunning voice, he calls out to her and encourages the woman, Dasha Pearl, to join him on “stage.”

Despite Lampa and the drummer’s efforts to bring Dasha up to perform, she is reluctant to join the men up front, and is content clapping and singing along from the crowd.

However, after another moment and a bit more convincing, Dasha changes her mind!

She makes her way up front, takes her place near the microphone, and ultimately blows the audience away with her breath-taking voice, unique style, and contagious energy – the crowd goes absolutely wild!

Enjoy her “dashing” performance below:

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