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Woman Starts Skating On Frozen Lake, But Watch Stunning Moment The Camera Zooms Out

Amateur figure skaters may get their kicks at an indoor skating rink.

But for three-time bronze medalist and Olympic alternate Elizabeth Putnam, nothing short of the great outdoors is good enough for her adventurous spirit.

Like many Canadians, she’s proud to call the gorgeous mountains of British Columbia her playground. But unlike regular weekend warriors, Elizabeth takes her outdoor “hobby” very seriously.

Ice skating is always on her mind, and some might say that Elizabeth has her head in the clouds. But in this case, they would actually be right!

This hardcore athlete prefers to make her mark on frozen lakes that are at a cloud-skimming 2,500 meters in elevation.

A helicopter ride is the only way that anyone can reach this remote mountaintop playground, which pretty much means Elizabeth has the place all to herself.

With the pristine beauty of the Canadian wilderness as a backdrop, any performance she gives is guaranteed to be stunning.

After Elizabeth laces up her skates and takes them out for a spin, you can tell by the blissful expression on her face how much she loves this sport.

Pilot Bradley Friesen is just as talented in the air as Elizabeth is on the ice. When the two come together, the visual magic they create is absolutely breathtaking.

It’s not every day you get to see someone dance with a helicopter!

But, wait until the camera zooms out and you catch a birds eye glimpse of Elizabeth’s sweet footwork!

Check out the video below to see why this a thousand times more entertaining than watching regular old figure skating on TV. You’ll be amazed!

Elizabeth’s passion, the pilot’s skill, and the cinematography are simply beyond comparison.

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