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Woman stopped to take photo of moose, quickly realizes something’s wrong when she finds a leg sticking up

It was a matter of being in the right place at the right time, and being a compassionate enough person to risk saving a wild animal. That was the situation that Jodean Howie found herself in one day while driving to work in Rocanville, Saskatoon, Canada. She stopped her car to take pictures of a moose and her calf, only to find herself in an entirely unexpected situation.

Howie rolled down her car window to take the picture, and that’s when she heard a cry. She looked around and saw another calf caught in a barbed wire fence.

“Her left leg was tightly wound between two twists. It looked like she might have tried to jump through the fence and then slipped through it so it twisted it,” Howie said on CBC Radio’s The Morning Edition.

Howie exited her car and approached the fence cautiously. Once she determined that the calf’s mother was not going to charge at her, Howie began trying to free the baby moose.

Initially, Howie was not successful in releasing the calf’s leg from the barbed wire because the wire was too taut to move. But Howie then realized the wire was attached to a nearby gate, so she found the slack she needed in the wire by undoing the gate.

“I quickly undid the gate and laid the gate down, which gave some slack to the wire, and opened up the wire and pulled out her leg,” said Howie. From there, the wire untwisted easily, and the baby moose was free.

“She bounced right up,” and ran off to join her mother and sibling, Howie said.

Howie’s colleagues, who had been following her exploits on Facebook, celebrated her return to work after rescuing the calf.

“They’re just like, ‘Oh my God, you’re a hero, you’re a moose whisperer,'” she said. “It’s all been good.”

We agree with Howie’s co-workers! Three cheers for Howie and her compassionate nature.

Because she cared enough to stop and help, a baby moose was able to rejoin her family again. Share this incredible story with your friends and family on Facebook!


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